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Sell Mandela and Old Coins online.
SA COIN is the largest rare coin company in South Africa. We have been in business for
around 25 years. In that time we have developed the market for South African rare coins
from a small sized cottage industry market to being valued at over R1.1 billion rand.
We took South Africa’s rarest coin the single 9 from a value of R600 000 in 1996 to a
value and sale of R4 650 000 through S A COIN in 1998. Today the Single 9 is valued at
R50 million rand.

We introduced NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) one of the world’s largest
grading companies to South Africa in 1996. Through extensive marketing and education
we managed to get the majority of South African rare coins graded by 2000. NGC
introduced consumer protection to the South African rare coin market. This prevented
rare coin dealers from overpricing rare coins. This also gave investors and collectors the
ability to sell their rare coins anywhere in the world.

S A COIN also played the role of being the central architect in the building of a global
R500 million rand market for the rare Mandela R5 coins in just 20 years. Today the rare
Mandela R5 coins constitute 96.4% of the total South African rare coin market. With the
balance of the South African market constituting 3.6% of the rare coin market. Over 300
000 Mandela R5 coins have been graded with the balance of 20 000 graded coins
constituting the rest of the rare coin market.
S A COIN has continually reinvented the South African rare coin market adding more
consumers to this market than all of the South African coin companies added together.
We recently introduced ANACS to South Africa. ANACS is the world’s oldest grading
company. They are an excellent addition to the grading of South African coins and
compliment NGC.
S A COIN’s sales over the last 5 years has been in excess of R125 million. It is our objective
to create a multi-billion market globally for all South African rare coins. All rare coins that
are purchased and sold in South Africa can be done tax free. We have record of making

our clients more money than our competitors from their coin purchases.
We invite you to contact one of our brokers today and let us show you what we can do
with your capital over the medium term. Rare coins are one of the highest returning
capital instruments on the planet……click down there

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