City of Johannesburg: Learnership Opportunity 2020/2021
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Location Johannesburg, South Africa

Category Government Jobs

Job Type Full-time


Company: City of Johannesburg

Job Title: Warehouse

Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng


Job Description



Workplace: 61 Thuso House, Jorissen Street, Braamfontein

Key Performance Areas

Offer service delivery by means of sit inspections.

Monitor and tracking of problems throughout the seen regions of the City of Johannesburg.

Undertake the functions to organize files for supporting simplicity of access at all ties for administration purposes.

Administer effective an efficient register of data on metered and non-metered services for purpose of rectifying financial adjustments on billing systems.

Provide accurate month-end ad hoc data from reporting in the specified time frames with regards to proper functioning of the section.

Provide and conduct effective document management including accurate electronic and /or paper filing systems on metering and non-metering records.

Build and maintain strong relations with internal and external business units, entities key stakeholder and peers to ensure the correct focus and support around the area of specialty.

Asset and Resource (material and tools Management.

Comply with all relevant legislative framework including the city’s code of Ethics, policies and procedures to manage sand mitigate risk effectively.




Grade 12 / NQF Level 4



Benefits to learners

Quality and Relevance of Training

Improved quality of the education and training you receive;

acquisition of the theoretical basis relevant to the occupation, as well as the ability to apply learning in the real work situation; and

practical relevance of what you are learning.

Development of Applied Competence Required in the Workplace

You will develop the ability:


to perform a set of job-related tasks – to actually do things;

to understand what you are doing and why;

to learn from what you are doing; and

to adapt what you are doing to changes and unforeseen circumstance.

National recognition of competence

National recognition of learning achievements that have wider application than in a single workplace of one employer;

opportunity to obtain nationally recognised qualifications that are portable in the industry, across sectors and internationally; and

opportunities to obtain higher levels of competence and certification that will enhance your marketability.


How to Apply


Enquiries: Keabetswe Makola Tel No: (011) 358 301

Primary Function:


Perform operational duties to implements, coordinate, assist, monitor and track

effective visible Service delivery throughout the City. Monitor and provide a high level of service to the community and to contribute towards the key RSSC objectives pertaining to Loss Management Subdivision of the City are fulfilled

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