Instrumentation Leanerships a IVA Logistics
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We are looking passionate students and learners to participate in a Learnership programme

Closing date : 10 November 2020

Location : Johannesburg, Gauteng

The learners and students will participate in the following field:


– Instrumentation


– Grade 12

– Good Communication Skills

– Willing to learn

– Good Management skills

– Ability to handle pressure


Most instrumentation technicians work for manufacturing plants, making sure that equipment is working properly, safely, and efficiently. As an instrumentation technician, you will test, calibrate, install, repair, and inspect manufacturing equipment and monitoring devices. You’ll also perform general maintenance on the equipment and design new measuring and recording equipment. You may collect environmental data and monitor the pollution output of the plant. On a typical day, you will work with scientific and analytic computer software, calculators, voltage and current meters, and electronic probes to diagnose faults in circuitry.


Instrumentation technicians are skilled craftsworkers who do precision work and are involved in the field of measurement and control. Technicians inspect, test, repair, and adjust instruments that detect, measure, and record changes in industrial environments. They work with theoretical or analytical problems, helping engineers improve instrument and system performance.


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