Mr Price: Traineeship Programme 2019

Store Manager Trainee

  • Retail Business Management
  • Business Management
  • Retail Management
  • Operations Management

Apply Online for the Mr Price Store Manager Traineeship ProgrammeFinance Trainee

  • A completed Bachelor of Commerce degree / Bachelor of Business Science degree: specializing in Accounting, Supply Chain, Economics, Finance, Maths or Stats or any other relevant qualification with a focus on numbers and business

Fashion Design Trainee

  • A relevant qualification majoring in Fashion / Clothing / Textile Design / Interior Design / Business Management / Marketing Management
  • 2 years prior experience relating to fashion / apparel / interior design will be advantageous Passion for FASHION and RETAIL! Getting on our radar means we can fast track your application

Apply Online for the Mr Price Fashion Design Traineeship ProgrammePlanner Trainee

  • Business Science or BCom (Finance, Economics, or Logistics)
  • Previous financial / analytical experience would be advantageous Proficient in Excel

Apply Online for the Mr Price Planner  Traineeship Programme

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